Saturday, 13 July 2013

One Amazing Day

Let's start by offering our congratulations to Ann and Paul Butler - married today in St Bede's Church, Basingstoke.

Tori and I were grateful for the free rein we were given by Father Dominic in photographing the service (the only rule being "Don't be a nuisance") which allowed us to shoot every part of the ceremony, as well as capture candid shots of the congregation. Added to that, St Bede's is a modern church, and whoever designed it gave a lot of thought to making it light and airy - no need to even think of using artificial light.

Ann and Paul were very clear about the style of photography they wanted us to use to capture their big day. Fly-on-the-wall, unposed, recording the moments. No groups. This was very much in tune with their vision of their wedding - a church ceremony, and then a joyful party, with as many surprises as they could think of to spring on their guests. ready for anything. And then photograph it. We can do that.


Now - the post-production begins...editing down our photos into a coherent, comprehensive story. And finding a way to present those images in a style that befits the day.

Ann and Paul - thank you for allowing us to be part of your amazing day. May you have many happy years of marriage ahead of you.

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