Saturday, 3 August 2013

Hannah & Paul: The Pre-Wedding Shoot

The pre-wedding shoot is included in our one-price wedding
package. As with today's shoot, with Hannah and Paul, this takes place around six weeks before The Day, and is a relaxed way for the couple to get to know Tori and me, and for us to get to know them and their photographic likes and dislikes.

As a rule, the shoot takes place either indoors or at a location of the couple's choice (within a reasonable distance of Basingstoke); today we were shooting in my outdoor studio (Down Grange, Basingstoke) which has a variety of locations within walking distance of each other, three car parks, and a Toby Carvery (with a bar!).

Otto regards Down Grange as his personal estate, so it was natural that he should come with us; it was equally natural - from Hannah and Paul's point of view - that he should appear in a few of the photos...can't guarantee that he'll be available for every shoot, but if a couple should want to include their own dog - well...don't see why not.

I was pleased with the series of photos we did in this mini-grove of trees. It was something I'd visualised when walking Otto over there, and, once armed with a vision, there followed a series of technical decisions concerning lens choice, optimum aperture, and lighting to turn that vision into reality.

Hannah & Paul - best wishes for the run-up to your wedding. We're looking forward to playing our part on the big day.

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